World to NYC: Meet The Founders

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May 6, 2013


VentureOutNY was happy to be a part of “World to NYC, Central & Eastern Europe: Meet The Founders”, co-hosted by the NYCEDC & iCatapult, a part of New York City Economic Development Corporation’s initiative promoting trade and investment between New York City and select cities throughout Central & Eastern Europe.

On May 6th, the NYCEDC and iCatapult Accelerator hosted “World to NYC, Central & Eastern Europe: Meet the Founders”, which featured introductions from 15 innovative technology startups that flew over from the CEE-region for this program. The event was held at 230 5th’s Lounge & Rooftop and included 2 hours of open bar, passed hors d’oeuvres, and an opportunity to meet promising companies interested in NYC expansion.


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Welcome & Introductions

Brian Frumberg

Founder, VentureOutNY & Partner, iCatapult

Brian Frumberg is the Founder of VentureOutNY, an Entrepreneur-At-Large with DFJ Gotham Ventures, and a startup mentor with iCatapult, a CEE-focused technology incubator. With vast experience in sales, business development, and product management, Brian's career has spanned finance and technology, startups and venture, and he is now firmly planted as a member of the New York technology community. Driven by a passion for technology and startups, Brian has been immersed in New York’s technology community since 2009 and now, as the Founder of VentureOutNY, is helping to foster and grow that community by recruiting the world's best technology startups to New York City.

Imre Hild

CEO, iCatapult

In 2012, Imre became CEO of iCatapult, a tech accelerator and business development company which takes local (CEE-region) technologies to the global market. Imre is also the Entrepreneur-In-Residence with Primus Capital, a Budapest-based venture capital fund, a serial entrepreneur, and a business angel investing with a focus on mobile internet startups and projects. After earning a BS and an MBA at Cornell University, Hild began at McKinsey, moving on to the conduit securitization practice of Lehman Brothers. In 2003 he returned to Hungary and founded a number of innovative technology and real estate companies.

Patricia Bayley

Senior Project Manager, Center for Economic Transformation NYC Economic Development Corporation

Patricia is a Senior Project Manager on the International desk of the Center for Economic Transformation at the New York City Economic Development Corporation. With a diverse background in marketing and media, Patricia started her career in New York in photography and editing, including positions at American Media, Digital Vision, and Nielsen. After receiving an MBA from Barcelona's IESE, Patricia took a role with the NYCEDC and has since been helping small to medium sized foriegn firms expand to NYC.

Startups & Founders


Apostolos Papadopoulos, Founder

4sqwifi helps you find nearby venues with Wi-Fi and their passwords --worldwide. Using Foursquare's API and its user-generated venue tips, 4sqwifi's algorithm filters and displays only the relevant venues. By removing all unwanted noise, 4sqwifi successfully combines the world of social location awareness and everyday-life hacks.


Marcel Pirlich, CEO

Adspert Bidmanagement is a VC-backed company focused on making performance marketing more profitable for every advertiser. The user-friendly web-based software can be activated with just one click, instantly helping advertisers automatically increase profitability such as increasing profits on Google advertising by more than 20% in just 30 days. These extraordinary results are thanks to the unique professional background of the founders who developed trading and prognosis software for such notable firms as Deutsche Bank and Nielsen. Adspert is a must have for everybody advertising on Google.


David L. Papp, CEO

Comforce is an early-stage VC funded company focused on contact center services provided by a home-based workforce. As the first cloud-based contact centre in Central Europe, Comforce provides high-quality multilingual services with more than 22 native languages, utilizing over 7,000 agents around the globe. Our cloud-based systems and processes enable us to employ and manage domestic or offshore workforces remotely. The revolutionized work process makes scaling resources up (and down) quick and easy; saving money while handling excessive customer contacts.

Concept Electronics

Dan Dragoiu, President

Concept Electronics is a Romanian company, founded in 1990. After 22 years of experience, we are one of the leading Romanian IT&C companies with strong competences in data security, people and goods identification, youth and adult education, and mobile applications software development. We are currently expanding our operations into Northern Africa and envision establishing a subsidiary in the US. The company currently has over 60 employees, with over the past 3 years, an average yearly turnover of over 10 million USD.

Gabor Szanto

CEO, iMect & DJ Player

iMect delivers desktop computer performance on mobile devices. We have a unique combination of real-time and low-level programming, sound engineering and DJing knowledge. We create new technologies from scratch, without any third-party or licensed components. Our flagship product is DJ Player. It's special audio engine is written in ARM Assembly, outperforming Apple's Core Audio and vDSP technologies:
"close to the metal".

iLandGuide Inc.

Andrew Perenyi, CEO

iLandGuide is a free, all-in-one travel guide application for smartphone users on an island holiday; and a digital media solution for the local tourist industry. On our basic info package, local business can add and manage their own content by an online administration tool. On our end, we'll built in detailed maps, interesting places with pictures and descriptions, useful tips, and even allow advertisers to add their listings, events and special offers -- and it's all searchable. Once downloaded, the app works without internet, saving the user from expensive data roaming costs.


Gerzson Huszar, CEO

Mixgar is a Social Jukebox. It streams music to venues such as bars, restaurants and shops. Guests can check-in with their mobiles to see which song is being played and can vote their favorites up on the playlist. Mixgar reads their favorites from Facebook and and, based on votes and music interest, the most-liked songs will be played on that location. Our product is in use in London and Budapest and was on a road show at four big summer festivals with PEPSI.

Multipass Solutions

Peter Sasi, CEO

Multipass Solutions is an independent software vendor and consultancy using its broad experience in Enterprise Systems to resolve the Big Data challenges of large enterprises with a different approach: how to extract business value instead of just tackling the data analysis, technology and science aspects. We provide an accelerated business process composition platform by delivering structured connectivity between disparate IT technology platforms. Business-minded IT, as we call it, works just as you would explain your need to the IT guys; put up the flowchart explaining how things should work and we start running this without any programming. Leveraging this simply enables us to deliver solutions in weeks instead of months. Creating Enterprise IT solutions has never been so fast, and we added support for smart devices as well to enable innovation around the mobile enterprise to provide an end-to-end solution.


Martin Kudrnac, Head of U.S. Department

OKsystem is looking to build it's US presence in NYC by tapping into the local technology talent pool. OKsystem is an established European software company and is the first to market with a very unique family of security products in the very progressive mobile world. As many large companies continues to transition to mobile platforms, OKystems supports secure solutions at the intersection of highest security and user-friendly interface.


Loris Pignoletti, Founder

RAIXE is a brand rooted in the Venetian lifestyle; creating modern essential design products with durable materials. We find the best designs, provide ultimate functionality, and involve our customers in the building process -- turning them into artisans. That’s how we involve our clients into the RAIXE experience.


Szabolcs "Sabie" Valner, Founder is the "Airbnb for boats”. We connect boat owners and boat renters via a trusted, transparent, and global marketplace. Boat owners can earn extra income during the 95% of the time they are not using their water-bound crafts while boat renters can easily review -- and score great deals on -- privately owned and charter boats. Our global launch will start with a U.S. pilot targeting the nation’s 13 million recreational boats and 80 million boaters.


Devrim Demirel, Founder

Botego is a startup focusing on developing Natural Language Processing technology. Our product line includes: virtual intelligent agents, social media sentiment and trend analysis tools, and knowledgebase applications. Clients include Fortune 500 companies such as: Johnson & Johnson, Coca Cola, Unilever, and Pepsico. We're one of seven R&D providers for the European Union's 7th Framework Program project, Linked2Media. Currently headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey we're planning to expand our operation into North America through a New York City based office.


Istvan Vincze, Co-Founder

Zinbox is an email tool which can convert any inbox into a productive and enjoyable application. Zinbos is smart -- it has a highly visual intuitive user interface and can extract data from emails; understanding texts, links, attachments and other information. In just a few clicks, customers feel much more organized and efficient with everything they need finally at their fingertips.


Gábor Hajdu, CDO

ITware is a software development firm focusing on the telecom and large enterprises. Because ITware knows very well the mobile industry and they are familiar with the broadcasting and somewhat the media, they’ve started to work on a social mobile TV solution. Later they’ve realized that they would have a broader market if – with additional development – they would position the solution as a mobile content presentation platform. The solution is called MOTIware. Recently they’ve identified a market segment for the product: events with huge crowd that need network connection with premium content delivered. MOTIwareCC (connected crowd) is the perfect solution for that market segment. ITware’s decided to evaluate MOTIwareCC’s introduction on the US market.


Mark Kubatov, Founder

ShopDash makes it easy to shop across online retailers within a tablet app. It reinvents catalog-style shopping, both online and in-store. It's visual recommendations („cross swipe" as beta users refer to it) help consumers to make smarter choices and allow stores to significantly boost their sales. While ShopDash is a single app into which retailers can add their own shoppable magazines, products, special sales info and deals directly from their webshops, there is also a mode for white label / standalone operation.

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