October 10, 2013

Greenhouse, 150 Varick St, New York, NY 10013

Stories From The Trenches

Immigration & Entrepreneurship

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The Challenges Facing Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Showcasing immigrant entrepreneurship, the founders of Pixable, Olapic, and ShuttleCloud explained their success navigating the convoluted US immigration system.

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On October 10, 2013, VentureOutNY hosted "Stories From The Trenches."  Showcasing immigrant entrepreneurship, we heard from the founders of Pixable, Olapic, and ShuttleCloud, who haven't just kicked ass in Silicon Valley, but did so while navigating the convoluted US immigration system.  



In addition, we had the founders of six Israeli startups - participants in the NYCEDC's World2NYC program - all of whom are interested in expanding their businesses in the US and will soon have to conquer the same challenges as out panelists.  



FWD.us, one of this event's sponsors, capped off the night by explaining the difficulties and hardships immigrant entrepreneurs have to overcome to successfully expand their businesses in the US. FWD.us is a group started by key leaders in the tech community to promote policies that will help fix the system and make this whole crazy process a bit easier.


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Stories From The Trenches, a panel on immigrant entrepreneurship

José de Cabo

Olapic, Co-founder

José de Cabo is one of the three founders of Olapic, a software as a service company that specializes in allowing brands to engage and empower their communities by displaying their photo content on their properties and leveraging it twofold. Firstly, through increased conversion, as well as increased conversation around the brand.
The Olapic founding team met at Columbia Business School where they began building the technology at the end of 2010 as they noticed the world was increasingly communicating in a visual fashion. Currently Olapic works with over 100 clients including Coach, Lululemon, New Balance, Nasty Gal, Reef, Guess, Pepsi, People magazine.

Iñaki Berenguer

Pixable, Co-Founder & CEO

Inaki is a Spanish entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Pixable, a mobile startup founded in 2009 at MIT. Pixable is a mobile photo browser used by more than 7 million people to discover and enjoy social photos in a daily basis. The company raised over $7MM in venture capital from Highland Capital Partners and Menlo Ventures and has over 60 employees. Pixable was acquired in 2012 for $30MM by SingTel, the world's second largest telecom operator. He continues working at Pixable/SingTel, launching two new products internally: Photofeed and Contactive.

Eduardo Fernández

ShuttleCloud, Founder

Eduardo Fernández is an engineer from Madrid, Spain and co-founder/CEO of ShuttleCloud. ShuttleCloud is a cloud data migration and synchronization platform. Companies like Google and Comcast and universities like Stanford and Harvard use ShuttleCloud to transfer email and address book data, migrate to Google Apps and merge data when acquiring other companies or going through a corporate rebranding. ShuttleCloud was incubated in 2011 at TechStars, has offices in NYC and Madrid, and is funded by High Line Venture Partners, SV Angel and Great Oaks Venture Capital.

Brian Frumberg (moderator)

VentureOutNY, Founder

Brian Frumberg is the Founder of VentureOutNY and an Entrepreneur-At-Large with Gotham Ventures. With vast experience in sales, business development, and product management, Brian's career has spanned finance and technology, startups and venture, and he is now firmly planted in New York's vibrant technology community. Driven by a passion for technology and startups, Brian has been immersed in New York’s technology community since 2009 and now, as the Founder of VentureOutNY, is helping to foster and grow that community by recruiting the world's best technology startups to New York City.

Why Immigration Reform Matters, by Fwd.us

Lisa Conn

Fwd.us, Northeast and Midwest Organizing Director

Lisa Conn is the Northeast and Midwest Regional Director for FWD.us. Working to build a political infrastructure in the tech community, Lisa brings to bear vast experience in community organizing and electoral politics. The veteran of three successful political campaigns, Lisa spent two years working for president Obama's 2012 re-election campaign, first in Los Angeles, and then as the Regional Field Director in the critical region of Broward County, Florida. From there, she served as Campaign Manager for a competitive and victorious City Council race in Los Angeles. Lisa is a graduate of New York University, where she studied Social and Cultural Analysis, American Studies, and Metropolitan Studies.

Israeli Startups

Total Boox

Yoav Lorch, Founder & CEO

An innovative ebook distribution platform, where access to all books is always free, users can read online and offline, and pay only for the pages they actually read. This revolutionary model, of paying only for value received enables significant improvements in discoverability, reader-book matching, distribution, and more.

twitter: @TotalBoox , website: totalboox.com


Jonathan Stefansky, Co-Founder & CEO

Video marketing platform that enables companies to drive leads, sales, and fans from their videos across the web, mobile, and social networks. In minutes, companies can add apps to existing videos, engage viewers, and drive calls to action and then share that experience everywhere.

twitter: @viewbix , website: viewbix.com


Orit Hashay , Founder and CEO

Beauty comes in ALL sizes, ages, and colors. Brayola’s mission is to help women everywhere find their perfect fit bras & feel beautiful! Powered by a unique combination of powerful platform and community - leveraging big data and crowd sourcing to achieve the perfect fit.

twitter: @brayolashop , website: brayola.com


Ohad Greenshpan, Co-Founder & CEO

Mobile games designed for m-commerce in fashion industry. Games are based on proprietary technology that “speaks” the language of commerce. Insights gained while user is playing the game allows for real-time merchandise targeting, lead generation, and inference of market trends.

website: fashioholic.com

Augury Systems

Saar Yoskovitz, Co-Founder & CEO

"Shazam", but for engines. By listening to machines, it can diagnose them and predict future failures. Connect off-the-shelf acoustic sensors to smartphones and leverage big data and machine learning algorithms to diagnose the machine in real-time.

website: augurysystems.com


Liran Jakob Rosenfeld, Co-Founder and CEO

Roomixer is an online B2B marketplace for the lodging industry to buy and sell turned-away bookings. By uniquely capitalizing on potentially "lost" opportunities, Roomixer offers hotels and vacation rentals the ability to improve customer service, generate an entirely new revenue stream and increase revenue.

twitter: @roomixer , website: roomixer.com


Artem Kroupenev, VP of Strategy

Choozer is a SaaS platform that allows companies to hire better employees faster by combining incentive-based employee referral programs with the leverage of their employees’ social networks. Powered by a mix of proprietary technology, superior user experience, and best-practices in social marketing, Choozer improves candidate quality, time to hire, and employee satisfaction. Choozer was founded by a team of Israeli and American serial entrepreneurs, with extensive cross-industry experience in in new media, social marketing and corporate development.

twitter: @choozerjobs , website: choozer-inc.com

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